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New Products 2015/II (Autumn)

New Products 2015/II (Autumn)
MB Building Kit System
Doubling functionality! The new item Jacking Castor D62 combines a stable castor with a height-adjustable knuckle foot. It enables easy movement of work benches, laboratory equipment and racks to precisely where they are needed, while the integrated knuckle foot ensures structures are stable, with height compensation built in.
Doubling up for a better hold and more speed! The new item Automatic-Fastening Set with Double T-Slot Nut keeps things moving fast. Immediately after securing the first Automatic Fastener in place, the second can be tightened straight away, without any further adjustment.
Twice as good! Standard-Fastening Set 8, one-sided can be used to create right-angled profile connections that allow for a Cap and thus create a flush fit – making them ideal for doors. What’s more, there is no need to cut off the corners of panel elements that are being fitted into the profile grooves.
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